Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Hot Wolf-shifters Coming Soon!

I'm working on edits this week for a new wolf-shifters series that will debut next spring.

I've learned to love edits. I use them as an opportunity to see my story through someone else's eyes, make corrections and accept helpful input. Edits are always a little stressful. This edit is interesting to me because so many new factors are coming into play.

First, this is a new-to-me publisher with a different house style than I have used before. There's lots to learn and un-learn : )

Second, this book is part of shared world and multi-author series on a much larger scale than I have ever attempted. There's a lot of checking in with others and many small adjustments to make.

Third, edits are always put me into a monk-like retreat-to-my-writing-cave-in-silence sort of mode. Typically during an edit week, I carefully plan my schedule, family meals and hours away from the house. All of that is impossible in my current situation. With my sister's in-home hospice care, family members come and go from my house at will. The phone starts ringing at 8 a.m. and stops at 9 p.m. I have to stop and do something for someone, constantly. I've had to face these edits for what they are, a blessed distraction, a treat and diversion. Even though it's hard to concentrate I am so genuinely happy to have this work.

I cannot wait to start the new books in 2015!

Have a wonderful week.


  1. How exciting, Kat! You rock. I think about you every day. Just know that.

  2. Thank you Julia! I think a lot about you too, my lovely friend <3


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