Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leena's Men 5 Star Review!

I just read Tessie Bradford’s latest Science Fiction ménage “Leena’s Men” and loved it! This fast paced spin-off to last summer’s bestseller “Megan’s Men” jumps right into the action mid scene. Two Cargo-runners from Earth, Adam and Craig, are under siege by a bullying alien attacker. Their ship is crippled and they are forced to retreat into a meteor field, leaving them in a very precarious situation. Right away Miss Bradford offers a poignant glimpse into the personal dynamics between the two men that sets the playful tone for the rest of the story.

All is not lost. A female cargo pilot answers their distress call. Leena is bored to tears by her routine life. Even though her over-protective male relatives order her to avoid taking risks, she can’t resist the impulse to be heroic and guides the compromised ship to Mesta where it crash lands.

In the first action packed pages, Leena finds herself drawn to the two men injured in the crash. Unexpectedly she experiences intense emotions toward the strangers. Her relatives and the customs of Mesta don’t make it easy for her to get close to the Earthmen. She feels compelled to figure out why she is so fascinated with these men and their wellbeing.

Leena visits Adam and Craig in the hospital, triggering a big reaction from both men. With a wrecked spaceship and nowhere else to send them, she offers to take both men home. What follows is a fun, sexy story as the guys learn the ways of Mesta. Adam and Craig already have an affectionate relationship, when they invite independent Leena into their love bond it’s a joy to read.

Leena’s Men is a great addition into the Mates of Mesta series. I loved the dry humor shared between Adam and Craig. I enjoyed the world building. The description of the planet was vivid. Everything from Leena’s home décor to the greenish sky of Mesta’s felt real. It was also fun to revisit this familiar setting through the POV of a native female.  The character development, story pacing, and heat level was perfect. If you’re craving a spicy summer ménage you can enjoy in an evening, this novella feels much bigger than it actually is. I highly recommend you pour yourself a glass of “cushingberry” wine and enjoy a play-date on Mesta. Leena’s Men will leave you satiated and happy you read it.

Megan even makes a cameo, which I loved.

I sure hope Phaedra gets a story… hint, hint.



  1. I'm looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing your review.

  2. Nice, Tessie! Congrats! Looks like a hot one.

  3. Congratulations Tessie on another great book in the Fated Mates of Mesta series. Loved Leena's Men.

  4. Kat,
    Thank you so much for this fantastic review! It means the world to me that you like my work and that you took the time to do this!


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