Monday, June 9, 2014

Friday, suit up for BURNING FOR NERO, Cerise DeLand's Navy #SEAL in SEALs GOING HOT!

Loved writing this novella about a SEAL who has the hots for his best buddy's widow. Also loved writing about Annapolis, my old stomping grounds and the midshipmen of the Naval Academy.

What is BURNING FOR NERO about?
    On leave due to an injury, Navy SEAL Tony Nero heads home for a little R&R and some Fourth of July fun. When his buddy’s widow Cass Phillips picks him up at the air station, Tony figures he’s in for a sexually frustrating few days. He’s had the hots for the blonde siren for years, but his best friend won her heart first. Even though Ray’s been gone more than a year, Tony bets Cass isn’t interested in any man. Not him. And especially not another SEAL.

    Cass has a bone to pick with longtime friend, Tony. After her husband died, he was the closest thing her little boy had to a father figure. His visits stopped abruptly and her son doesn't understand why. Neither does she. She's also unable to quench her growing need for the tough and tender man. She's already loved and lost one SEAL, but that doesn't stop her from burning for Nero.
     Read all the great books in this never-ending series!

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