Thursday, June 19, 2014

Free Audio Book!!

Do you enjoy listening to books?
Have you never listened to an audio book but would like to give it a try?

I will send a download code for a free audio copy of Megan's Men to one lucky person who comments on this post! (Make sure to give your email address)

Megan’s Men
By Tessie Bradford

Megan Lynch has had a very bad year. Her husband took off with most of their assets and a twenty year old bimbo. She lost her job and has nowhere to live. Accepting a management position at a research facility on a distant planet was supposed to be the first step to a new start. But now her transport has been cancelled indefinitely. She’s stranded, exhausted, defeated, and utterly pissed off.

Garfor, Rork and Loban came to Earth for a one day trading mission. Finding their woman alone and upset in the travel port is both a blessing and extremely upsetting. She is unfamiliar with their ways, and Garfor is forced to use deceit to get her onto their ship and off the planet. With only a few days to convince her she is destined to be theirs forever, all three men are more than willingly to rise to the challenge.

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  1. Tessie, this is so exciting. Congratulations on your first audio book! Do you know the name of the voice artist?

  2. Thanks, Kat! Audrey Lusk is the voice artist.

  3. the review seems very interesting and I can't wait to read the rest

  4. Good morning, Toni. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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