Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love it when it rains...

I can write better when it's raining...

The soft patter of rain on the roof makes it less stressful for me. I love going to stand at the door to take a deep breath of the moist earth and the clean, rain-washed air. It makes me want to create something.

It revs up the imagination and adds something to my ability to write...not sure why...but it does.

Is there something that works magic for you? Thunder? Lightning? A fabulous sunset...or sunrise? The sound of early morning birds waking to the new day?

The purr of a large, fluffy cat sitting next to the keyboard? The wet cold nose of a puppy nudging you? The sound of a symphony in the background? The smell of morning coffee dripping into a pot?

The sound of pan pipes wafting through the air?

Tell me some of the things that make you feel like writing...or reading...


Fran Lee  


  1. Good morning, Fran! Stormy weather of any kind, rain or snow, makes me feel like writing. One of the things that doesn't work for me is having music playing - I find it to be extremely distracting.

  2. I love rainy days and sadly we are starving for rain.

  3. Me too, Fran. I love rainy days!


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