Thursday, May 29, 2014

Honking Matters!!

A number of weeks ago, when I set my car alarm, my lights blinked but the horn didn't sound. I checked to make sure the doors were locked then didn't think much more about it.

Driving into work (at 6:30 a.m.) a few days later, the car in the lane on my left began swerving as if their drunk had just kicked in. In order to punctuate my swearing and yelling, I slammed my palm onto my horn. Guess what? Nothing happened.

I have to go to different locations during my day job and running quick, very local errands is an important part of most of my days.

All of a sudden, now I'm living a video game! Never before have I experienced such a plethora of scary-bad driving scenarios which require the blasting of my horn - person in front of me deciding to make a left turn from our right lane, guy peeling out of a parking spot when I'm directly behind him, and multiple drivers running the red light on the newly timed signal by my neighborhood.

My hubby works in the car industry. This is both a blessing and a curse. :)
When I reported my horn situation to him, of course he said he'd fix it. Much like how the doctor's kid is always the sickest one in school, two weeks passed before he attempted to address my issue.

Even after almost 28 years of marriage, I broke a golden rule: don't question hubby's expertise when he's working on my car! It led to a multiple hour argument and my car not being fixed.

More driving and more near death (exaggeration) incidents occurred. I stopped into our local repair station and they expounded on the expense for them to diagnose, let alone fix my problem. I reported it to hubby.

He and I have long since gotten over our fight and he of course says he'll be the one to fix my car.

As of yesterday, he offered to buy me an air horn to blast out my car window....

I so love my man!!!!


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Enjoy a lovely weekend~




  1. At this point I'd take the air horn! I use my car horn once maybe twice a year... But when you need to warn someone you gotta have it.

  2. I read hubby this blog - he laughed and said my horn fixing is his one and only priority this weekend!!


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