Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just sent off my wip...fingers crossed...

 And I've been working on promo...

Just paid my state and federal income taxes...and I begin to wonder how I can afford to continue on as a writer, when the royalties have dwindled to a precious few. I only made half as much in 2013 as I did in 2012...possibly because I only subbed one book in 2013? But I've been told I'm not alone in this quandary.  So I'm working madly on finishing a few of the ones that are halfway done, etc. to get my royalties out of the toilet. :P

Not sure how my editor will view this latest one. It's waaay different from anything I've written so far.  So cross those fingers and toes, everyone, and wish me luck.  I made a new video of my self-pubbed book while I still have access to OneTrueMedia. I'm going to miss that resource when it's gone.  Check it out...

I am also going to miss having my darling cover goddess...because she has started her own business, and I'm not sure if she will still be doing covers for my publisher. Of course, I never truly "had" her...but she was kind enough to feel sorry for me and do all my covers.  I am wishing her only the best in her new endeavors.

Sigh.  Things change, in spite of our fear of change. But they do say that the breeze from one door slamming in your face often opens another door behind you...and I will keep turning in circles to check that theory out. LOL!

I will continue to write for Ellora's Cave...they have been very good to me. But I have begun to branch out a bit, myself, and will not hesitate to self-pub anything they don't think is right for them. 

Hugs to everyone who has given me encouragement and the will to go on. It's wonderful to have friends. 


Fran Lee


  1. Best wishes Fran. The right choice is to keep writing because you love it.

  2. I have everything crossed that still has the ability to do so, Fran!!!

  3. Good luck with everything, Fran. Loads of challenges. Some interesting. Some just challenging.


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