Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Love Affair With Edit Minion

This week is a busy week and I'm really enjoying it. Tuesday I finished the first draft of one of the secret projects (The wolf is a hint) and I'm giving it the Edit Minion treatment today.

Have you ever tried Edit Minion?
Edit Minion is wonderful and my new best friend. Its a simple analytical program. Copy and paste a sample of your writing into the the Edit Minion box. I use 6k or less. too big a file doesn't work well. Click "edit' and a report card will show below with a charted frequency of often used words, Adverbs, Ending in prepositions, cliches, Passive voice etc...

Its not designed for fiction, so I think it overreacts to "passive voice" too often, but it's still very helpful. Edit Minion has become part of my writing process and really speeded me up. Seeing my mistakes highlighted in bright colors does make it easier to rethink matters. I do stop and ask myself "Is this the best way to say this?" with a lot more ease.

I'll hoping to get WIP to my Beta partner by Friday so I can jump onto the next project, which will be something new for me. It a multi-author book series in the paranormal/ New Adult genre. I made a little mix-up in my mind. I thought the books for this series were due in September. They're not I realized this week they start publishing in September and they are due May 1st, less than two weeks for now. Uh!

I warned my new publisher my book would be late (They know I'm busy) but I thought I could have one by late May. Then like mana from heaven, a great idea that I love came to me in the middle of a yoga class. I rushed home to make notes and plot. So when the starter's gun fires on Friday morning, I plan to start my New Adult and see if I can't get out of my own way and write a quick novella without my usual starting and stopping. We shall see. I'm excited to try. If I can't do it, no biggie. 


  1. That's fantastic that you have an idea you love, Kat!! I hope the story flows freely onto the pages!

    1. Thank you Tessie, I hope it will flow. I have a couple new-to-me techniques to try.

  2. Interesting, Kat. Can't wait to hear more...

    1. Hi Julia! I can't wait to see your secret project.


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