Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cooking Up A Book

I love to cook. I find it to be a therapeutic, creative, and highly satisfying activity. It isn't my normal way however to almost daily create new variations of soup, stew, roasts and casseroles.

Baking isn't my thing. It's too precise, requires too much waiting, dirties too many dishes, and ultimately adds extra jig to my jiggly parts. This week, from scratch, I've made three different kinds of biscuits, bread, a cake, cream cheese cinnamon frosting, sweet/salty chocolate peanut butter fudge, and one batch of drop cookies (didn't want to waste remaining frosting).

The reason for my unusual culinary activities?

Believe it or not, writing my current WIP!?!!

First of all, and quite interestingly, the story has nothing to do with food in any manner, shape or form.

Due to a temporary decrease in ambulation ability, my writing area has had to be relocated to sitting in a walker at one of my kitchen counters. My usual writing space is in our lower level. When down there writing I also wander and pace, do little chores like laundry, ponder, watch the better TV, putz with the aquariums - I have a routine.
On the main floor are bedrooms (can't sleep my life away), surfaces that are in desperate need of dusting which I choose not to do, other living spaces that provide no diversion, and the kitchen.

Who knows, maybe when I finish Leena's Men, I'll type up all of my new recipes?! :))  

Enjoy a wonderful weekend~



  1. It sounds like writing in the kitchen is a good thing!

  2. Hi, Kat! Today I made wild mushroom casserole and potato encrusted stuffed chicken breasts!

  3. Yum! Can I come to visit for a month or so?

  4. Absolutely, Fran!!! I'm betting you and I would have oodles of fun together!!


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