Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bye Bye Comfort Zone

I will be attending the BDSM Writers Conference in NYC this summer and will be participating in the book signing on August 24!!

This is a very unique event and I'm both excited and nervous (in a good way) because almost everything about participating is way outside my comfort zone. Due to things that have been going on in my life over the last year, I just decided, "What the hell, you only live once!"

Possessing Eleanor released in April 2010. Jackson Royce had been in my fantasies for quite a while and writing his and Eleanor's story was a comfort zone pushing event also. The process had me deeply examining my idea of a Dom/sub relationship, why some aspects appeal to me and others don't. I vividly remember being nervous as I read the first draft to hubby, knowing he would recognize the extremely personal nature of the book. We talked for hours that night; one of those no holds barred, put your cards on the table, nothing off limits kind of conversations. It was wonderful!

Here's an excerpt:

Possessing Eleanor
Copyright 2010 Tessie Bradford  

Ellie’s gaze fixed on Jackson as soon as her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the restaurant. She couldn’t help smiling as he rose from his chair and came to her. He was again dressed in all black, but tonight, his shirt and tie appeared to be silk and he wore dress slacks instead of black jeans. Ellie noticed the other women giving him the once over, and she delighted in the fact that he never took his eyes off of her as she approached.

“Good evening, Eleanor.” He looked down at her with a killer grin. “I’m very glad you decided to join me tonight.”

“Hi, Jackson.” She gazed up at him, feeling a bit shy and uncertain now that he was standing so close.

“Thank you for the beautiful rose.”

“You’re welcome, my dear, but its beauty pales in comparison to yours.”

He placed his hand on the small of her back and guided her to their table. She hoped he couldn’t hear the frantic beating of her heart or feel her slight tremble in response to his compliment.

After helping her remove her coat, he pulled out her chair, making certain she was comfortably settled before he sat down. Ellie watched him nod almost imperceptibly to the waiter before he turned his complete attention to her.

“This is one of my favorite restaurants. Have you been here before?”

“I have many times. The food is fantastic, and they do carryout. It’s really convenient for me to stop here after work. Everything is still hot by the time I get home.”

“Yes, it would be,” was his simple reply as the waiter arrived with a bottle of wine. What with opening and sniffing and tasting and approving, it took a few minutes before they were alone again.

“You know where I live?” She couldn’t keep the hint of concern from her voice.

“Of course. I wouldn’t have asked you to meet me at a location that was inconvenient for you.” He stared at her intently while continuing in a quiet tone, “Eleanor, there’s no need for you to look so worried. I just used the internet to find your address. I don’t think I like your implication that I did anything unsavory.”

The internet, who knew? Heat infused her cheeks and she dropped her eyes to the table to toy with her fork in utter embarrassment. He was absolutely right, of course. She had insulted him. He was incredibly thoughtful to have taken such care in selecting where they went.

“I’m sorry, Jackson,” she whispered.

“Apology accepted.” He laid his hand on hers, stilling her nervous fidgeting. “Look at me, Eleanor.” The low rumble of his voice was a caress in itself. When her eyes met his, they were darker, sparkling with emotion. He reached across the table and ran a finger along her cheekbone. “I love it when a woman’s skin warms and flushes pink.”

Ellie had the strangest sensation his words held a deeper meaning, one that she couldn’t quite grasp with him staring into her eyes with such intensity.

“I ordered our meal, and here comes the appetizer,” he announced matter-of-factly as the waiter arrived.
Ellie couldn’t initially decide if she was annoyed by his actions or intrigued by his take-charge demeanor, but as the perfectly selected courses proceeded, she stopped thinking about it. Jackson put her completely at ease, guiding the conversation so they could begin to learn about each other. They both liked sci-fi movies, visiting museums of all kinds, and the current crisp fall weather. They both read voraciously, but disagreed good-naturedly over subject matter. Their political beliefs were similar enough to not cause undue upset, and they shared a strong pride in their individual career successes.

When the waiter arrived to clear away the dessert dishes, signaling the impending end of one of the best nights Ellie had spent in her life, she couldn’t help her little sigh as she looked at Jackson. She was relatively certain her warm and fuzzy feelings weren’t due solely to the bottle of wine they had shared.

Ellie became lost in her own thoughts as Jackson settled the bill with the waiter. Her gaze wandered to his lips, and she wondered if he was going to kiss her goodnight, or maybe more? Ellie was positive he would know what he was doing in the bedroom, and the thought of surrendering to his expertise was sending her heartbeat racing. He wouldn’t be a cautious lover. There was nothing cautious or hesitant about Jackson Royce. Her nipples tingled, but it was nothing compared to that in her pussy, and she squirmed slightly in her chair.

“I’ve had the best time tonight, Jackson. Thank you very much,” she whispered somewhat raggedly.

“As have I, Eleanor.” He pushed back his chair, collected her coat and moved to help her up from the table. His hand tightened slightly on her shoulders as he helped her settle the garment in place. He leaned close to her ear, his warm breath tickling her lobe. “But our evening isn’t over yet.”

Ellie shivered with excitement and swayed back slightly into his hold. The hard evidence of his arousal pressed firmly against her. What an intoxicating feeling to know this incredible man reacted to her with the same sexual intensity she had for him.

They left the restaurant in silence. When they arrived at her car, she steadied herself against the door while searching through her purse. It took a minute to find her keys with a trembling hand. She finally pulled them out and looked up at him expectantly.

“I’m going to follow you home, Eleanor.”

Okay, she had been hoping against hope there would be some lip locking here in the parking lot, but him telling her they were going back to her house was a bit too much of the macho, alpha male thing. The moisture soaking her panties was absolutely an unrelated freak occurrence she refused to acknowledge. She hit the remote, unlocking her car door.

“Dinner was wonderful, Jackson, and I really enjoyed being with you.” She hoped he caught the annoyance in her tone. “But I do not take men home on a first date.” She pulled on the door handle, but it didn’t open due to Jackson’s large palm pushing against it. She glared up at him and, for some unknown reason, was compelled to keep talking. “And if I ever decide to make an exception to that rule, I will invite the gentleman to my home. He will not order it done.”

Had she somehow come across as easy to him?

“I just spent hours talking with you, Eleanor. I am very well aware you have extremely high standards of behavior, which I approve of completely.”

“How wonderful,” she spat back at him.

“Your sarcasm in unnecessary.” He leaned down, his breath feathering along her pursed lips. “I have my own rules of behavior, and one of them is I do not start to make love to a woman in a public parking lot.”

Have a great weekend!


  1. I know I purchased this one, but can't find it on my here I go again to get it. LOL! Love your books, girl!

  2. Good morning, Fran! It means a great deal to me that you enjoy my stories!

  3. I'm so happy for you Tessie, everyone is in for a big treat.

    1. Thanks, Kat! I'm so excited about meeting some of my favorite authors! Joey W. Hill is the keynote speaker!

  4. Yikes-a-loo! Don't let anyone spank you, Tessie!

    1. I know, right?! I'm pretty sure this is going to be a hell of a fun few days!


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