Saturday, April 5, 2014

Being an author is a great thing!

It's like being able to make your own rules...

You can create a world, or stay in this one. You can change centuries, or change milleniums. You can write about a modern couple, or you can write about a couple of were-panthers. You can create a future world, or keep it local. You can become anything you want to be...a shape shifter...a angel...a demon...a human that was changed with animal DNA by a bunch of creeps working for Mercile Industries. Anything is possible.

You can be a vampire...a werewolf...a dragon shifter.  You can have super powers or be a geek.  Being an author gives you all of the choices in the world. It is a magical thing, being an author...but sometimes the magic just won't work. Damn muse

I have talented friends who write a book a month. Or even two. I envy them their "stick-to-it-tiveness", as my sainted mommy used to call it.  Currently, I have a dozen wips cooking. But I sort of burn out on one, so I switch to the next, which refreshes me a bit. 

Last night I woke up from a scary dream, and thought, "Wow! That would make a fabulous story!"  So I got out of bed and turned on the computer, and got the first chapter down. I will work on it by bits and pieces between my other "hey, wake up and start me" wips.

Does that happen to you?  You get a wild burr under your saddle and you just have to get it on the computer, or on a scrap of paper? Do you drive your significant other nuts by phasing out in the middle of a discussion at dinner, and scramble to write something on a napkin?

I think we have all been there...done that. Now all I have to do is keep at it until one or more is finished.  Then self edit until I drive myself batty and do a total rewrite. get the picture?

*Sigh*...I really need to get crackin'.  So it's back to the computer...


Fran Lee


  1. Get back to that computer or I'll start cracking the whip. ;) hee hee

  2. This is good news! Get back to that computer and write.


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