Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who Writes This Stuff?

Yes, I'm about to type about Valentine's Day - shocking, huh??
But not about the holiday itself. I choose to snark about my card buying experience!

This year I didn't wait until the last minute to go shopping and I was excited thinking that I would have a plethora of choices at the store with multiple shelves of Valentine's wishes to select from. By the end of the event, I was frustrated and mumbling out loud and apparently providing enjoyment to fellow card shoppers, if their comments were any indication!

Here comes my snark:

1.  Singing cards provide seconds of entertainment in the store, but at $6.99 or more, they are stupid.

2.  I had to go through I can't tell you how many cards for a daughter and then a son to find ones which were from  "We" instead of "I".

3.  I love my hubby a lot, but I will never sign my name to multiple paragraphs of bad poetry or absurd ramblings expounding on a level of greatness no man could ever live up to.

4.  What's up with all the squirrels?

Did I end up buying any cards? Of course. My favorite? The one for hubby that explains how our ability to pass gas shows the depth of our love!!

Enjoy a marvelous Valentine's Day and weekend~


  1. Museum art cards, blank on the inside. I'd rather say something personal or just 'I love you'. I can't give those other cards.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Julia!!!
      A very Happy Valentine's Day to you also!

  3. LOL! Was that a Larry the Cable Guy card? I think some of those are waaay better than the stuff they print in many of those mushy cards.


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