Saturday, February 1, 2014

The weekend is here...

Game time...
Of course, if you don't love football, you can just stare at the hottie with the ball...I think I've asked this fact, I'm sure I have, but every now and then I ask again. How many of you see a guy on TV...maybe walking down the street...or maybe just standing waiting for the bus...and you think, "Wow...I could write a book about that man..."?

There are some pretty hot guys walking around, and sometimes I will see one, think about how I could parlay that guy into a hot book, then go sit at my computer and start typing.  Have you had that happen to you?  Just looking at some delicious guy get your juices flowing and the words scribbling?  

I know that not all women see the same guy and drool...we all have our own definite tastes.  Some hot dude that I might stop and stare at might not even get a passing glance from another female. So I will test out my tastes on my captive audience here, and drop a few pics in of guys I think are truly hawt.  You can tell me if I am nuts. If you agree that I have great taste, let me know.

Go ahead...tell me what you thank...
Fran Lee 



  1. Starting out my Saturday with pictures of gorgeous men - THANKS FRAN!!!!
    The black & white picture, the first and last of the color ones are my favorites!

  2. I'm staring in awe! Thank you Fran. The first man was a stunner.


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