Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reader Feedback Matters!

I received a lovely email from a reader who recently bought and enjoyed Oasis! 
Her kind words gave me incredible joy. 

Oasis holds such a special spot in my heart. It was my second release with EC. It was my first attempt at futuristic/science fiction. My editor was a stern task manager and I'm a better author for her expertise. I can't believe five years have passed!


Meena walked silently with Elizabeth into the lift, keeping the door open long enough for Gareth to join them. As soon as the door closed, Elizabeth sagged against the back wall and heaved a giant sigh. Immediately Gareth pulled out the medical scanner from his belt and held it toward her.

“Are you unwell, Elizabeth? Your heart rate and respiration are noticeably elevated and your cheeks are flushed.” The genuine concern reflected in his eyes warmed her, but it was Meena who responded.

“She has just left a private audience with the commander.”

“Ah,” Gareth smiled knowingly and put away the scanner. “We understand exactly what that can do to a woman’s physiology, do we not?” The two of them nodded agreement to each other, embarrassing the hell out of Elizabeth.

“For your information,” she bit out curtly, “I find your commander overbearing, infuriating and not just a bit too full of himself, all qualities that I don’t find appealing in the least!”

“Not being possessed of any of these unsavory characteristics, perhaps I should accompany you to your chambers so we may together discover what you do find appealing?” Gareth stared down at her lustfully. “I am eager to step into my new role of teacher to you, the succulent newcomer.” He wrapped an arm around Elizabeth’s waist and gave her hip a gentle squeeze.

“Meena, help me out here.” Elizabeth smiled somewhat nervously but didn’t move away from Gareth’s embrace. It was quite obvious he was being playful and his sense of humor was refreshing after the intensity of the commander. It didn’t hurt that he was fine to look at either!

“Yes, Meena,” he drew her against his other side, “please describe to Elizabeth my formidable and indisputable ability to bring a person to the height of physical pleasure!”

“That is not what she meant and you know it.”

Elizabeth watched the emotions that passed between the two of them. They were definitely more than just friends.

“There will be plenty of time for you to demonstrate your exceptional talents when she is ready to enjoy them fully.” Meena kissed him tenderly on the cheek. “I will see to your needs as soon as Elizabeth is settled back in her chambers.” She cupped his ass enthusiastically.

“Does everything on this ship revolve around sex?” Elizabeth asked breathlessly.

“We manage to squeeze in a bit of planetary exploration when we absolutely have to,” Gareth chuckled as the lift doors opened.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


  1. It's so wonderful to get positive feedback from readers. I cannot believe five years have past!

  2. And this book deserves plenty of great feedback! Great job, girl!


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