Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Name Is Katalina Leon And I'm A Pinterest Addict!

I admit I'm a Pinterest addict. I spend way too much time there. I currently have 74 boards on my profile, and few "secret" boards stashed away. I share the secret boards with others I work or collaborate with both for my writing and for design work. I love creating book boards, character inspiration boards and just plain pin hoarding beautiful images.

I have a Pinterest board devoted solely to Hugh Jackman. Hugh is a romance author's dream template, he's got it all! He's so versatile and handsome and apparently every second of his life is being documented in photos so why give him his own board?

I have a board devoted to 304 of the most beautiful staircases and portals you've ever seen in your life. It makes me happy just to look at them.

I love beautiful clothes and I have absolutely no business buying them on an author's budget. I get my fashion fix on Pinterest with my Dream Closet.

One of my most popular boards is inspiration for Vampiric fiction "Vampire Realms"

I have boards filled with art, gorgeous manicures, animals and books. I have a yoga board started that I'll post soon. But my favorite boards of all are the handsome men. I have several categories including men with beard scruff--I love it. My favorite is the board of men from Brazil and South America. These guys are insanely handsome!

This is Pedro Soltz from Brazil. He's so elegant and feline. I just love him, especially those eyes.

This is Beto Malfacini my all time favorite Brazilian man.

Beto is my current go-to guy for tall, dark and handsome. I have to give credit to my nieces in Brazil for bringing him to my attention. Beto has his own Pinterest board with a whooping 801 pins!

So, when I started a new WIP this weekend, one of the first things I did was look over my Pinterest boards to choose an inspiration photo for my hero. The WIP I just started is a contemporary, set in the Mojave desert near the China Lake Naval Weapons Station. My hero is newly out of the Navy and returns home to see if a woman from his past is still interested in him damage and all. I needed a handsome Latino man in his twenties and found Miguel Iglesias. What do you think?

Are there any other Pinterest addicts out there? If there are please leave your Pinterest name so I can follow you on Pinterest!


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  1. Who else shares my Pinterest problem?

  2. I am on Pinterest but I have zero notion of how to use it. So write a follow up post, step by step. How to find Pinterest pages you are interested in.

    1. Julia it's super simple. You can upload your own pictures from your desktop or phone, or search topics in the top left of the page. Every time you pin an image from someone else, Pinterest will briefly show you a similar board to click on. Hence your day is easily wasted pinning nonsense! : )

  3. Love your photo inspiration!!!
    I'm Pinterest illiterate, but love looking at your posts!

  4. Pinterest is really easy and fun. I hope you'll come over and play some day. I'd love to share boards with you.


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