Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Thursday!!

I recently attended a Human Resources record keeping seminar. There was an in depth discussion of written performance reviews; how they should be done and what value they have. Of course I couldn’t help but think about literary reviews as the presenter of the class offered the following:

1.      1.  Nobody is 100% perfect, 100% of the time, in 100% of the duties required by any job. A review stating that a person has reached this pinnacle lacks validity.

2.      2.  Pointing out areas that need improvement is not a negative thing if done constructively.

3.      3.  Performance reviews are not the place for personal attacks.

4.     4.  Choose appropriate and valid rating criteria.

All of these points resonated with my author self, but #4 made me smile and shake my head in agreement. As the writer of novella’s and short stories, I’ve lost count of how many times a reviewer has admonished me for the story being too short – not in a ‘I wish it were longer cause I loved it so much’ way, but in a ‘I’m rating this short length book lower because it is a short length book’ way!!

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  1. Tessie thank you for sharing this post! I wish reviewers would consider short fiction as it's own special sub-genre because it is.

  2. The biggest complaint I have heard about my books is "It was too short! I wanted more!" It might have been a great short novella, and the readers say they loved it, but it was "just too short". So it gets a lower rating. Because of the length? I know where you are coming from, girl...if I enjoy a short story, and it leaves me panting for more, I simply go buy the next book. LOL! Personally, I loved this one!


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