Saturday, January 25, 2014

Writing...writing...more writing...

I am utterly thrilled when my friends get another book published...

It reminds me that we have to continue to write, no matter what is happening in our lives, and we must keep ourselves on the road we have selected. There are so many things that have derailed me along the way, and I am naturally a lazy I truly get a kick out of it when those who have fought alongside me over the past few years get another book out.

Problem is, I keep going and buying all your books, and reading them in one sitting...and that means I am not writing! So I am officially not going to buy another book until I have finished another wip.  Does that make sense?

Congrats to all of you.  Now please let me get some of my own writing done...LOL!

Fran  Lee


  1. Hugs, Fran. I have the same issue. But in 2014 I want to publish two erotica's and two contemporary. I vowed to get them out there.
    Come along for the ride with me. At least one book. ;)

  2. You must write Fran! Write for the love of it!

  3. Fran, please please write so we fans can read!!!!!

  4. Yes, keep writing, Fran! We wait for your next release!


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