Monday, January 6, 2014

QED: Reading is good for you! Doctors prescribe it! I applaud it!

knew that sooner or later someone would discover that reading a book actually was good for you.
FICTION, especially!
Now in the USA where the average college graduate reads one book per year, (shoot me, please) reading anything is akin to revolutionary. But latest findings by different groups show us that reading:
  • stimulates nerve endings in the brain in that area which focuses on creativity;
  • fiction inspires a sense of identification with the protagonist and therefore, a compassion for his/her challenges;
  • is what doctors are now prescribing for depression because reading inspires a sense of orderliness and offers hope. This new prescription has a name/term too: bibliotherapy.
WOW.  I really like these findings.
They give me hope that:
  • Shock Treatment for the brain will end and be supplanted by Reading Treatment;
  • not only reading but writing fiction will become a means to heightened empathy for others;
  • fewer people will wind up depressed because they learned how to read and write about their personal issues and they developed a sense of objectivity about their Human Condition;
  • appreciation for memoirs and diary writing will take on new value and meaning to many who may have  negated their value in recuperating from PTSD or head injuries, even addictions to alcohol and or drugs.

I could go on, jumping up and down in my glee that so many people are advocating reading, dear sweet reading and ever so important writing as viable, useful activities.

Just imagine a world in which people are more articulate! They wish to discuss issues freely. (Yes, do see my 2 previous posts on The Art of Conversation and All I Want for Christmas.) They have a useful and colorful vocabulary which replaces the 4 letter words they use now liberally, along with the ever-so-ridiculous word, awesome.
They would speak with purpose, listen with purpose, perhaps even give up an hour of TV each day so that they could have a conversation over the dinner table!
I am so ready for that.
Aren't you?
And oh, by the way, what is the book you are currently reading?
I am into LONE SURVIVOR. Had it for awhile and now must hurry so that I am well prepared for the movie.
Yes, that's me. Read THE HELP yet? Do.
GONE WITH THE WIND? Better read it first for the historical background.
How about TEAM OF RIVALS? Yep. That one, too, can rock your world.
Read and WRITE in 2014. My new mantra everywhere!


  1. What a wonderful post, Cerise!!
    Reading has been/is/will always be a huge part of my life. I'm extremely proud that my children also love to read and that my son and daughter-in-law are passing that on to my grand daughters.

    1. Tessie, thank you. Reading brings such serenity…and I really mean fiction more than any self help books!

  2. Something I want and need more of in 2014 is reading for pleasure!

    1. Oh, I am with you. In fact, I now call Saturday and Sunday afternoons my planned reading time, no interruptions!

  3. I am afraid I've done ten times more reading than writing. I need to balance that out a bit.


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