Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Enjoy Winter But....

Negative 40 degree windchill? 
I live in Michigan, not the Arctic Circle!

We've been sending up a silent prayers of thanks each morning this week when our cars, which do not park in our garage because it is my hubby's man cave, start up.

We are giving extra treats to our dog babies for braving the elements to do their business outside. Even with wearing their toasty warm sweaters, we're sure it isn't a pleasant experience! 

Yesterday, the frozen handle on our storm door broke off when I tried to open it! Now there is ice on the inside glass due to the seal being broken. 

I heard on the news that all 50 states are experiencing some kind of freaky weather~

Stay safe, everyone!



  1. Oh wow! I know how bad winters can get. Unfortunately all we have is sunshine. Bad bad sunshine. (Actually not kidding!) Hang in there, Tessie.

  2. Hi Kat & Julia!
    Hubby, daughter & I just enjoyed a warm, comforting dinner of cheese ravioli in marinara sauce and are about to hunker down in bed with the dog babies to watch a movie!!


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