Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Want a Nice Package For The Holidays?

First I want to wish everyone a happy, peaceful holiday! I'm so grateful to everyone who visits this blog or reads my books. This year has been wonderful. I've met so many terrific readers and authors who've been so kind, generous and just generally great to know. This community is one I cherish being part of. 

Today I’m posting a little retro book promo. "Nice Package" came out December 2010 and it's a story I remain very proud of. Even better Ellora's Cave has put "Nice Package" on sale for .99 cents but only through the holidays. If you haven't already read it here's your chance to give it a try. 

Nice Package actually takes place the day after Christmas. Cora and Jim treat themselves to a little BDSM tinged adventure in a luxurious lodge, under mysterious circumstances... By the time they head home their lives have changed greatly for the better.

I included a little fetish of mine in this story-the prolonged tease, which includes intense arousal without release until it becomes an explosive mind-altering experience, using only your natural brain chemistry for an endorphin rush. Never tried it? Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the story and find

Blurb: Christmas chaos is over at the Emersons' house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning when Jim presents Cora with a big, beautiful gift box she's forbidden to open.

What's in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptations, tricky games, and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she's really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Watch the Youtube video here:

Miz Loves Books rated "Nice Package" "Hot Stuff, #1 Top Pick and says, "The sexual tension breathes fire. It's like looking at the Sun…"
(You can read the complete review here)

Long and Short Reviews says Nice Package is a “Hot Read”: “Ms. Leon created a beautiful story evolving around a married couple and the getaway they won't soon forget. The surprises are definitely erotically sensual, but there is an overall sweetness to them. The attention to detail and affection Jim has for Cora is truly heartfelt.”

Or better yet buy “Nice Package” while it’s only .99 cents!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 



  1. Nice Package is a favorite of mine! It's such a fun, romantic story for the holidays!


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