Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Starting To Enjoy The Holidays

I cleaned and decorated my house for the holidays this weekend while my guys were away on a three-generation, all men's fishing trip. See this elegant Christmas decor? Nice isn't it? This is NOT my home.

I tried to get everything I needed to decorate with by myself. I wanted the house to look great when my husband and son came home. I didn't take into account how difficult it was going to be to retrieve all the Christmas containers from all the many odd and inconveniently high places they were stashed.

I'm not very tall so standing on a step ladder only gets me within swatting distance of what I want. High on a garage shelf I saw some unmarked plastic cartons and decided to take a gamble that they were what I needed. I reached on tiptoe, arms high, barely able to make contact with them and willed the cartons to levitate toward me. I finally succeeded in catching one with my fingernails and dragged it close to the edge of the shelf, where I suddenly found myself at point blank with a toppling carton. I caught it, before it knocked me off the ladder, but couldn't hold on. It dropped to the ground with a crash.

Oh well, who wants to decorate with a bunch of hand-blown glass ornaments anyway. On to the next carton. I finally developed a system of nail-scratching, dragging and tapping with a wrench. I finally caught a couple more cartons that turned out to have nothing of interest inside them at all. It was pure junk I barely recognized as worth saving.

Then it occurred to me the real Christmas decoration might be in the attic. Bear in mind I don't have a real attic. I have a trap door in a bedroom hallway that's accessible by ladder only. There's nothing up there but insulation and ceiling beams. There's nowhere safe to step. You must walk on a balance beam like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat while hunching down and hoping to god a rat or spider won't block your way. Dirty work and really not that fun, but I did find some boxes up there. Why this makes sense to my husband is a mystery to me...

After all that I was too tired to do much decorating and the thought of putting it all back where I found it was a huge turn-off, so I decided to keep it simple. Candles, fresh green bows, four potted poinsettias and lots of lights. I barely used anything from those hard won cartons and I'm thinking that nonsense might become a thing of the past. I like simple better.

I held off on the tree because my husband likes to buy live trees that he can kill slowing over several months.

Do you decorate for the holidays? If so will you decorate my home next year?


  1. I hope everyone's week is going great.

  2. I'm so glad you triumphed injury-free over the decoration retrieval process!! Our stuff is dispersed between a basement walkin storage closet that every year my daughter tells me, "don't go in there, it will make you mad", and the rafters of our garage!
    I bet your home looks festive and gorgeous, Kat!

  3. No injuries, I just got dirty!
    Plugging in all the lights and having just fairy lights on was worth it.

  4. Oh my gosh, Kat! I had a dream about someone falling off a stool. Must have been you! I do love decorating for Christmas but not this year. Will be away.

  5. Kat's have nine lives! It's a miracle I survived this year's ornament hunt.


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