Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Holiday Traditions

I can’t believe how fast December is flying past! In fact the whole year is a blur of mostly good things mixed in with a few thrills and chills. If this year had a theme it was saying good-bye to the old guard and planting seeds for tomorrow.  

I am not shopping in a mall this year. Instead I’m cooking favorite recipes for my loved ones, sharing outings, movies at home and more time together. That’s the best way I can think of to bring a beautiful but challenging year to a close. I'm also racing to finish and submit a book to my new publisher by New Year's Eve. This will be the fourth year in a row I've done this. Submitting a new book at midnight  has become my new annual year-end tradition. 

I'm also waiting for a dear Aunt to pass. She's in hospice care and I'm expecting her to go to her big coming party very soon. This will be be the forth family member lost year and I hope the last for a very long while.

Have you changed your holiday exceptions recently or do you love a traditional holiday season?



  1. How are you spending your holidays?

  2. I'm so sorry about your Aunt, Kat, and the losses your family has delt with this year.

    2013 has been extremely challenging for us also but is ending on a positive note and I'm optomistic about 2014!

  3. Thank you Tessie. This year has been a big Hello and good-bye. A lot of reconnecting with old friends and new contacts and a big good-bye to the old guard.

  4. Wow, Kat - definitely challenging times. I think many people have downsized their Christmas - making it more about family.

    1. Julia, I'm enjoying the downsizing. It's more intimate and appropriate for my life right now. The downsize is by no means a downgrade. I do miss the loved ones... My Aunt passed hours after I posted this.


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