Thursday, December 12, 2013

Huge Happy Holiday Happenings

So we went to get the Christmas tree out of the storage closet.

Hubby and my 24 year old fresh of mind daughter forgot that they retired (threw out) our old, greatly enjoyed but falling apart, seven-foot artificial tree last year.

What to do?? We were in the holiday zone! Upon further perusal deep into the never-ending closet of holiday/memories/toys/crap we discovered the above pictured tree on the back of a shelf in two pieces. It is the one hubby and I bought 27 years ago for our first Christmas together! We completely blew our monthly budget by buying it, a string of lights and a few decorations.

Daughter: "Is this really the tree we had when I was little?"

Hubby: "Yep, I can't believe we still have it."

We put it together and fluff out the branches. We set it up on a box covered with a tablecloth.

Daughter: "I remember it being bigger."

Hubby: "You were shorter."

Much laughing goes on.

Daughter: smiling, "It's pitiful."

I put on traditional Christmas music to play in the background.
She and I make fun of the diminutiveness of the tree as we string it with lights.
Hubby leans back in his lounge chair, feet propped up on the back of the couch, smile on his face.

Daughter: "Let's only put up the tackiest of our ornaments!"

Me: smiling and laughing, "How many families are lucky enough to have multiple boxes chock full of items meeting that description?"

Daughter: "Why do we have so many bird ornaments?"
She doubles over in laughter as she holds up a fat purple swan with fuzzy long multi-colored feathers in one hand, and a small metal chicken perched on a roof in the other.

Me: "Cause my Dad had a wierd sense of humor and a unique decorating sense."

Hubby: smiling and pointing, "Hey, some of those come from my side of the family!"

Daughter: "And you're proud of that?"

Hubby: "Absolutely."

Hubby and I alternate sharing entertaining tales of holidays past and the relatives who made them unique. Much more laughing goes on with each ornament we select and hang.

Me: "We need something to go on the top."

Daughter: "Ooo, wait, I know just the thing."
She scurries back to the closet, laughing, and returns with the little plastic, lit Christmas tree and secures it to the top.

Me: "That's perfect!"

Daughter: rolling her eyes playfully, "Is this really going to be our tree this year?"

Me: "What do you do each time you look at it?"

Daughter: "Giggle!"

Much laughter, funly goodness and picture taking ensues.

Last year at this time, I was almost totally bed ridden, unable to participate physically and emotionally in the holiday season. This year everything, and I truly mean everything is a joy!!



  1. Tessie that's a great story and a very beautiful tree because of it!

  2. My writing area is across the family room from the tree, so I get to enjoy it all the time I'm at my computer!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Julia!!


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