Saturday, December 28, 2013

Coming up on New Year...

Christmas is over...
the tree is down...

Because the monsters destroyed it the morning after.  All I had to do was pick up the pieces and put them away for next year.  Sigh.  Most of the people who have read about the kitties on Facebook thought it all sounded cute and harmless.  However...three kitties spent an entire day locked in time out because they are old enough to know better.  Just not bright enough to remember...

I almost didn't put the tree up this year because of what they have done in past years.  But...I did it anyway.  No...they are not cute when they act like brain-dead nitwits.  I love them, but...they nearly got themselves tossed out into the snow.

I think I am just too old to have cats anymore.  What is cute with kittens becomes irritating and frustrating when they become adults and still ignore every rule that is don't take a flying leap at the tree when you are chasing each other around the house like Kamikazes at war...

Somebody told me that cats are intelligent, but whoever said it has never lived a day in my house with these dimwits.  I watch them, and keep thinking of Bill Cosby's "brain dead" skit.  They are like two-year-old kids, always looking for a way to get into some kind of trouble.  They are lying there snoozing, then you walk out of the room and down comes the potted plant.  Or maybe they decide on the spur of the moment to climb something...and the new drapes appear to be a lot of fun.  

My vet told me I would be cruel to declaw them, so being the humanitarian I am, I let them keep their weapons. I carefully lecture them about the holes they leave in the drapes and the back of the sofa, but do they listen? Noooo.  Do they understand how very close they have come to being catskin rugs?  Of course not.  They go blissfully about the business of destruction with not a care in the world...because this old sap keeps giving them more chances.

Ah, is just an old artificial tree, right?  And I stopped getting out the antique keepsake ornaments because they kept tearing them down and batting them around like cat toys, so no big deal.  Maybe they'll get too old and decrepit to jump 10 feet and devastate all things that are not behind glass or tied down...who knows?

We'll try again next year.

Hugs, and Happy New Year...

Fran Lee   



  1. Fran, I just read this to hubby and we laughed hard while remembering the cat mayhem we used to have! Frosty was sleek sneaker, Mandy was all about toys, Ed wanted to be at the highest point at all times and Wink Martindale was 19 pounds of clumsy silliness. Our Christmas tree had a bricks weighing down the stand and fishing wire securing it to a hook in the ceiling for support!

  2. I love cats, you just have to remember you don't put-up with cats-cats put-up with you! : )

  3. True...but I needed a venting moment! LOL!


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