Monday, December 2, 2013

Can Jane Austen do erotic romance? I say she could…and does with ME! SENSE AND SENSIBLITY!

Who ever thought she could write like Jane Austen?
Evidently, A LOT OF PEOPLE. So many write Regency romance that it makes my head spin. I even get the authors names confused, so many sound alike.
But how many people thought they could write WITH Jane Austen?
Not many.
And I, Dear Reader, am one of a very few.
Will you hate me? DARE you love my work with her? Don't you want to try?
Well, Friday you can.
December 6 Jane and I debut SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.
And let me tell you, I have do a few justifications for it.
1. Writers do their versions of classics ALL THE TIME.
2. FILM producers do them, too.
You've seen Pride and Prejudice, how many times now? By different writers and actors?
You have your favorite. And I bet your best friend has a different version as her favorite!
3. Need examples of those who have adapted classics to other versions?
I take you no further than Friday nights on the small screen for the new new DRACULA.
This version has similarities to Bram Stoker's work. Useful. But nonetheless quite different.
Yet very appealing, wouldn't you say?
So what's different about mine, except for the naughty dangly bits?
You must read, mustn't you?
I do hope so.
Friday, darling. Friday.

The Dashwood sisters love too passionately…and, it seems, without reciprocal feelings from the men they choose. But lust can change a man…and a woman.

If love is never sane, then lust certainly is all passion.

 Elinor Dashwood cannot explain her affection for polite, reserved Edward Ferrars. In contrast, her younger sister Marianne endlessly extols the visage and virtues of dashing John Willoughby. Frustrated and lonely, Elinor yearns for Edward’s touch and some declaration of his regard. Yet she loves him.

Marianne eagerly surrenders to rapture in Willoughby’s arms—and cannot even consider the constancy of quiet, compassionate Colonel Brandon. Neither sister can escape the draw of lust. But as they learn more about those men they adore, they learn that love can be both sensible and sensational.


  1. This sounds like fun! Best wishes Cerise.

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming release, Cerise!!


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