Thursday, December 26, 2013

And Fun Was Had By All

I'm typing this late on Christmas night. Well, late by my standards - it is after 8pm and we didn't go to bed until midnight last night and we've been up since 6am this morning and my alarm clock will be going off at 5:30am tomorrow morning....

We enjoyed a wonderful holiday!
Christmas Eve dinner at the in-laws was delicious and delightful.
Crack of dawn present opening here at home this morning was adult human calm, enhanced by crazy dog mayhem. It was a race between Rex and Butch as to who could tear the most stuffing out of the most toys in the least amount of time! Their silliness was made even cuter by the fact that they were wearing the beautiful (and manly) Christmas sweaters that Santa brought them!
We then went to my brother's house where we ate to excess and laughed uproariously while playing our now traditional Christmas game. It is a scavenger hunt of sort. We each take turns selecting a folded piece of paper out of a box which has the description of an ornament on it. My brother's tree is so loaded with ornaments that you can barely see green. Helping is only allowed after all the others in the room decide to make total fun of searcher's inadequacy. Everyone gets to select a wrapped gift with each turn. They range from very nice gift cards to the utterly ridiculous. This year the biggest laughs came from the tiny One Direction Liam doll, the dime, nickle and penny taped to a piece of cardboard, and the Patient Information pamphlet from my brother's office!

When I started this post it was my intent to also talk about New Year's stuff.
That's going to have to wait, I'm way too sleepy.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll chat in 2014!



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