Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NaNo Chaos!

My NaNo is turning into a No-no. I got off to a great start, averaging 2 k each day, but this November is so full of fun things and places I need to drive long distances to, that I'm just going to enjoy November and relax about the NaNo schedule.
This picture illustrates how NaNo starts out, strong and solid and then from behind roars the unseen monster wave... : )

This Friday my husband and I have great tickets for Nine Inch Nails at the Staples Center Los Angeles. I can't wait for that. Trent Reznor is a perfectionist who puts on a great show. The new album Hesitation Marks is wonderful. I think its his best work in years. The dark lord of goth has cleaned up his act, won an Oscar and become a dad but everything that made Nine Inch Nails great, subversive and a little scary is still present. I've got my glow sticks ready, flask filled and gel inserts in my boots so I can stomp around all night to Head Like A Hole and not be crippled the next day.

Also Loup-Garou For You has been getting some great reviews this week.

BTS eMagazine said: Loup-Garou For You really teases your inner bitchtress because right from the beginning the reader is thrown into a whirlwind of very intense sexual preparation for the coming rituals. Aubert starts the change quite frantically then in comes Corrine who isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. This is a very graphic read, so if you can’t handle intense and very detailed mix of sexual scenes and BDSM it may not be for you but the darker and deeper the sex goes so does the reader.
Katalina Leon does an outstanding job reaching into the darker desires of the paranormal romance genre.

Close Encounters With The Night Kind said: I have always had a fondness for Katalina's work, and this book will just be added to my collection of loves. She has the ability to completely sweep you up in whatever world she has created.  Her characters are usually flawed and oh so human!  Even if they are paranormal.  I truly enjoy reading whatever she is writing about and can't wait to get my hands on the next book!!  This book is a little bit on the kinker side, so vanilla's beware!!  lol

Ramblings Of A Book Lunatic said:
This was a most interesting book. I like the far historical aspect of it, taking it all the way back to the Crusades. That was pretty cool. This is technically historical paranormal romance, and while I usually don't care for historical romance of any kind, this one was good. Maybe it was the fact that they Katalina didn't really embellish too much about the past, and stayed focused on the story she was telling. I liked that this was a paranormal, but that the main character, Aubert, had no idea of his family's heritage. It made for a very interesting tale. I loved how Corinne made Aubert come after her, after driving him half-crazy. This was a highly entertaining tale, skillfully woven to include a tale far in the past and mesh it with the tale currently being told. The characters were believable, and I honestly felt bad for Aubert at the beginning when he had no idea what was going on. I like reading Katalina's work, she has never disappointed me. 

Loup-Garou For You available now:

Thank you everyone have a wonderful! Leave your email in the comment box and I'll send you a surprise eBook. 


  1. Don't be shy. Leave your email or contact me privately at and I'll email you a surprise.

  2. Enjoy the month! You've been working so hard, you deserve some fun down time.
    I wish I could join you and hubby. ;)

    1. I'm trying to do both, relax and make the big effort. I'll probably go mad. lol

  3. Congrats on the great reviews, Kat!
    I'm pea green with NIN envy - stomp and wave a glow stick for me!!!

  4. Tessie I will stomp my boots until I have head like a hole-in your honor!

  5. Pretty darn good, Kat. Pretty darn good! Love that wave pic!

    1. Hi Julia! Some years NaNo is great and some years-not.


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