Saturday, November 2, 2013

End of Daylight Savings Time?

Another year of DST has ended...and I just set my clocks and watch back an hour.

I suppose I should be happy about it, but to me, it isn't a matter of "falling back" each fall and "springing forward" each spring.  It's a pain in the royal patootie.

Messing around wth time is just like messing around with Mother want to do it verrryyy carefully.  I'm not one of those trendy people who enjoy messing with such things.  I value my arms and legs, and don't want anything to cut them off.  Not making sense?  That's okay...too much Halloween candy, I think.  It does that to me.

Time is flying on swift wings toward the end of this year, and at my age, time is not supposed to should show greater respect for old farts like me.  After all...we don't all have an unlimited supply.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner...and the Christmas decorations are already on sale at WalMart.  I think there's something definitely wrong with that.  Of course, I have all my Christmas shopping finished, at least for the females on my list.  I hope they all like sterling jewelry.

The guys will get something manly.  But you are NOT gonna catch me running into a store on the day before.  If I want to trudge six miles from the parking lot through the mall, getting elbowed all the way, I will wait until there's a sale on Godiva chocolates.  Nothing else is worth risking life or limb for.

You take care until next week, darlings...


Fran Lee


  1. I'm taking down my Halloween decorations, stop scaring me with Christmas talk! lol

  2. I know what you mean, Fran! These days it seems as if I just get up (early in the am) then its four o'clock in the afternoon!??!

    My hubby got home tonight and said that there are a couple of houses in our neighborhood with Christmas lights outside already - REALLY???

  3. I'm messed up for a while, whether we spring forward or fall back. So is my dog.


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