Saturday, October 12, 2013

Working on promo...sorta...

I totally have to grin...

Because I have never had a cover get so much attention...whether adverse or happy.  Since posting this cover on Facebook, some gal pals of the models had to have their say about hot model David Nieves (who normally has short, spiky hair) sporting a Trek Mi Quan wig from 2011's Romanticon skit with the Cavemen and boss lady Jaid Black.  The skit was about Ms. Black's first erotic romance titled The Emperor's New Clothes, and featured all the Cavemen (those who didn't have longer hair wore these black wigs). 

Well, the wigs were stylized futuristic warrior wigs, with a few braids around the sides of the face, and some of the guys looked awesome in them (and some looked not-so-awesome). Now, I happen to think David looks good in ANYTHING they put on (or take off) him.  But his fans had never seen him in long hair, so it sparked a lot of comments. Some of the comments ask what he is supposed to "be". And a few say it just doesn't look like him. Now, many of his fans are from the Dallas area, or from Puerto Rico, so they had no idea he is supposed to represent an Apache Skinwalker.  In fact, most of them had no idea what a skinwalker is.

Some of the comments say that the wig makes him look like he's in drag.  I beg to differ, but everyone has his or her own thoughts on these matters.  So I jumped into the conversation and explained what he portrays...explained a bit about the Native American aspect...and it calmed down pretty quickly, with some foot shuffling apologies and so on.  But despite the negative aspects of some of the comments, it did draw a considerable amount of attention to this particular cover. promo.

Now, a couple of years back, a friend of mine got a very snarky and negative review of one of her books by a reviewer known for snark and rude comments...and she felt devastated.  Yet the very nature of that review brought hundreds of readers to the site, and her sales went up considerably.  So I say, whatever draws public attention to our books can be considered "promo"...right?

How do you feel about things like this?  I try to keep a good attitude, and treat the occurrence like it's simply another step in the stairway to getting more exposure.  Do you have a similar story? Want to share it with us?


Fran Lee



  1. I agree that 'promo' comes in many different forms and all of them can have a very positive outcome. Our books won't sell if people don't know they're out there!

  2. What can I say? It's a great cover! Glad your book is getting noticed!

  3. It's a dramatic cover and I didn't even realize that was Caveman, David Nieves! I like it even better now.

    1. He could be bald and naked, and I wouldn't throw him out of bed...LOL!


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