Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is it Saturday again?

It rained this morning...sorta...
It was more like a cross between rain and hail. Then a bit of sun came out, and treated me to a rainbow so lovely, I almost cried. And I thought about that pot of gold that is supposedly at the end of every rainbow...and then I thought of that huge, scary lightning bolt that might hit me as I dived for said pot of gold...and I decided not to try for it.

Face it...if we thought about all the scary things in life, we would likely never accomplish anything at all. As my ex-hubby used to say, "Let not fear be the anchor in your ass".  Now, I never paid much attention to him back then, but I kinda think those word make good sense nowadays.  

I really would never have achieved anything if I'd let fear stop me.  I would never have taken the chances that I took...and would never have jumped in when things looked scary.  Life can be scary...but it can also be wonderful, if we just get past our nerves and grab it.  

And believe me...I was afraid of my own shadow when I was a kid. Utterly terrified of stepping up and saying something in front of a crowd...stage fright from hell.  Totally scared to death of meeting new people.  About as courageous as a mouse in a houseful of hungry cats. 

I'm not exactly sure when all that started to change.  But I'm certainly glad it did.  I was never into leadership.  I was into "follow-ship" all the way...until I realized that I kept getting tugged in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go.  The only alternative was to step up and grab the bull by the horns and say, "Hey, big guy...this way..."

I was always afraid that people would think I was fat.  Hah!  The easiest way to get rid of that fear is to look those folks right in the eye and state "I am NOT fat...I am pleasantly plump. Wanna make something of that?"  And take karate lessons.

Have you ever been afraid of something like that?  Too fearful to reach out and grab what you need from life?  I know I was.


Fran Lee



  1. Happy Sunday, Fran!
    I have more confidence now than I did as a young person but there are times I still have to make a conscious effort to push past some insecurities! :)

  2. I do miss weather, Fran! Fear? Once upon a time I feared rejection. Got over that after years of rejection. I no longer care.

  3. Great post Fran. This is the perfect topic to be thinking of today.

  4. What a wonderful post, Fran. You give me something to ponder...I have to stop being afraid and just do it! :)



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