Thursday, October 24, 2013

Em Petrova Races Zero To Love

Double treat today. Em Petrova has a terrific blog and excerpt from her latest Loose Id release Zero To Love. If you know how edgy Loose Id Publishing is and if you know Em Petrova, then you also know this book will be very clever, well written and unabashedly HOT.

The Power of Food in Books
By Em Petrova

How many of you have read a book where the characters are chowing down pizza and guzzling beer, and suddenly you’re starving? Or they sit down to a nice family dinner including fried chicken, all the sides, and a juicy apple pie for dessert, and you wander into the kitchen for a snack?

Food in books is powerful. Not only does it draw the readers in and place us at the table next to the hunky hero or amazing heroine, it makes the characters 3D. They eat, therefore they’re alive, right?

Plus, they have cravings! Sadie adores Kit Kats dipped in peanut butter before a stressful presentation. Christian scarfs down a chili dog for breakfast.

In my latest book ZERO TO LOVE, a race of supernaturals consume human thoughts as food. Thoughts can be plucked from human minds and devoured, providing energy and even that warm fuzzy release of endorphins.

When Monroe locks gazes with Magda, he finds she is blocked to him. Yet her mind is like honey—he craves it more than any other food. Read on for a powerful excerpt from my brand new release!

Star-crossed lovers Magda and Monroe must overcome racial differences and fight off the evil Free Wills to save the city and their romance.


“Magda.” He rolled onto one hip to stare down at her. The upper bow of her lip distracted the hell out of him, and for a solid sixty seconds, he couldn’t remember what he’d been about to say.

She flattened a palm on his chest, and it all flooded back.

“Tell me more about your parents, about Elijah and your childhood.”

“Can’t you see everything?” Her voice was husky from her screams of bliss.

He traced her lower lip with his thumb. Should he tell her? Or did she know? Finally he let out the breath he was holding. They had come this far together. She was as good as his, even if he couldn’t feed from her thoughts. While her emotions were delicious, he wanted all of her.

Shaking his head, he said, “Not everything. Your mind is… Magda, those Free Wills are after you for a reason.”

Shock flitted over her face, a dark shadow of emotion he didn’t want to consume. But he did. He had to take it away from her. It slid into his psyche, and he felt his mind grow more powerful. A few more gulps of her, and he’d have enough strength for another cerebral boom. Hopefully that wouldn’t be necessary.

She fisted a hand on his chest. “After me?”

He nodded, wanting more than anything to look away, but she deserved better. “The reason your memory is full of holes—spotty—is because you are their victim, baby. In your childhood, they cleaned you out. Stole all your memories.”

“What?” Her voice was a ragged whisper.

“No one ever told you.” It wasn’t a question. Her family was obviously shielding her from Mindchangers. That thought catcher hadn’t been placed in her room because they liked what it added to the decor.

She shook her head hard, and her red waves tumbled over the cloud-blue pillowcase. A number five cushioning a brain holding a number one.

“But if I was a victim of a Free Will attack, what thoughts did they place in my mind? What doesn’t belong to me?” Panic leaked from her.

Throat constricted, Monroe wrapped his arms around her and tucked her tightly against his chest. Pressing his lips to her ear, he devoured her emotion, disgusted by the black oiliness of it. When he gave her the answer, he didn’t want her to see the fury in his eyes.

“The Free Wills didn’t give anything back in this case, baby. It’s almost never heard of. They just took.”

“How much?” A violent shiver gripped her, and he held her tighter.

He probed her mind, already knowing the answer before he spoke. “All of it. They only left enough to keep your heart beating.”

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Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~


  1. Thank you Em for being our guest today. Best wishes with Zero To Love!

  2. Feeding on thoughts is an interesting concept much as my senior Guardian Vampires can feed on "Psychic Energy" in my "Immortal Relations" series. Best of luck with your novels!

  3. Sounds wonderful Em! I love the premise of the Free Wills taking memories and what it might mean. :)

    1. I do too, this is a really interesting idea.


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