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Contest and Reviews!

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The first reviews for Loup-Garou For You are coming in and so far I’m really pleased with what reviewers are saying. Especially since many of them do not read erotica, paranormal, historicals or time-travel. I feel really lucky to be reaching readers in another crowd and so grateful these reviewers gave me a try!

Books Books and More Books said:
Fabulous book for all fans of paranormal erotic stories, shifter fans, and wolf fans.  This was not sex with a little plot, this was a lovely story with erotic flavors.  I’m not a huge fan of erotica that is all about the sex and very little about the story, and so this book was just my cup of tea.  The story was what the book was about, the erotica was just an extra spice of nice.

Imagine waking up the day before your 27th birthday and being told by your family lawyer that he’s going to chain you up and ship you off to a ruined castle in the hills of France for two years because you are a danger to yourself and others because you didn’t get married like he suggested during the prior year.  I don’t know about you, but I’d be calling the men in the white coats to haul him off...even if he could make chains jump out of a box and shackle me.  I have friends and family that can do magic.

But of course true love, soulmates, that was what was really needed.  And surprisingly that happened without his help.

I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 8 for fairly graphic descriptions of F/F and M/M consensual sex.

Franjessca Book Lovin’ Mama’s

Loup-Garou for You is my first book I have read from Katalina Leon and it definitely will not be my last. I was intrigued the moment I saw Loup-Garou for You`s book cover and read the synopsis, but also because it is a book that is set in a historical era with PNR and erotic romance elements. I love reading a book with so many romance elements to it. Katalina Leon did an amazing job putting together a different werewolf tale set in a historical era. How the main character Aubert is about to turn 27 years old and he has no idea what he is about to become. His friend knows what he is about to become and it trying to warn him of it and save him from himself, but Aubert is not taking it all in.

It takes the beautiful, mysterious woman named Corrine to make him realize what he is to become and what his fate is, thanks to what has happened in the past.

Aubert is going to deal with not only with his transition, but trying to survive in a world he has no idea about.

This book contains not only the PNR and historical feel to it...but some very erotic moments to. Very steamy scenes, which include bondage, anal play, and scenes that have F/F and M/M. ***Towards the end is when it really gets very STEAMY. Oh boy...does it get steamy…
(Full review on Amazon)

Crazy Four Books said:
Being that this is a historical PNR, it is not my usual fare. However, like the title and cover suggest, this book is about werewolves! :-) You know how much I LOVE werewolves. I need to caution that this book is ONLY appropriate for ADULTS. Also there is some F/F and M/M action.

The main character is Aubert. He has been experiencing some rather bizarre happenings where his emotions, control, and body are concerned. There is an explanation but he does not know that.

He starts to smell a strange woman who is in his house and he has an overwhelming urge to pounce on her.

Even though he wants her more than his next breath, she alludes him at first. lol!

She finally comes to see him and seduces him a little. ;-) 

This book has a lot of cat and mouse between the two main characters. There is some mystery, lots of erotic steam, some romance, action, and a slightly loco wolf who has delusional notions of grandeur. 

 I found it to be quite enjoyable and if you like erotic PNR, you may want to try this one!

I did my first radio interview for Behind The Scenes IndieReview Radio with producer/hostess Michelle Cornwall-Jordan. It was fun and Michelle did a great job putting me ate ease.

Please join Indiereview Behind the Scenes Internet Radio on Saturday October 12th as myself and co-host Jamie White chats with Romantic Fiction Author Katalina Leon, who writes for Ellora’s Cave Publishing! Show time is 11am CST! ‘ IndieRe…view Behind The Scenes, your source for the HOTTEST in INDIEtainment News and Features!’

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