Monday, September 30, 2013

More than one man in bed? Let me count the delights! 
If there is nothing like a good man, then there is nada like TWO men...or THREE!
     I love writing these, but I must say the most fun challenge is describing the choreography to the love scenes. Whose arm goes where? Who goes first? Why? Always wonderful choices to make!
     But the biggest challenge for me to a menage or an a quatre is to ensure for the reader that the men she hops into bed with are not only worthy of her, but want her for more than the physical reasons. And she must see them as human beings as well.
     Otherwise, the relationship (to me anyway) cannot be anything worthy of my heroines or worthy of her intimacy with them.
     Now I know that some say it's quite all right to hop in the sack with a guy that flicks your switch. But I'd rather he did it for a darn good reason other than the sex. I am, after all, writing an erotic romance.
     And therein lies the rub.
     In HAT TRICK my heroine is a widow who had a very loving husband. She misses him, wants to find another man whom she can care for and he her. When two younger men walk into her life who make her burn, she is careful to form a relationship with them first that gratifies her...and them! 
     In HER THREE WAY MERGER we have a young businesswoman who knows the two men who are about to offer her a fact a really fine deal! She went to high school with these two brothers and lived next door to them. She is all grown up now, hungering for a solid relationship in the boardroom and out. When she is offered more than she bargained for, well...she makes her own deal.
     But in ROPE ME IN, we have a four-some. If the choreography is interesting to create in a threesome, imagine what it is with one more in the mix!
    However, you don't have to imagine. You can read the first in my KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER series, ROPE ME IN, when one young divorcee returns to her hometown only to find that the three men she loved most as a kid have the hots for her now!


  1. Interesting the way you've come up with more than one intriguing setups for an encounter with more than one!

  2. Menage is tricky to write but lots of fun to read!


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