Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have a release date...

Love my editor...three days from first edits to final edits and getting the book into the coming soon pages! I guess it really helps when I self-edit the damn manuscript until it squeaks...

Here's a tidbit from Skinwalker's Woman

Copyright 2013
Fran Lee
He had seen trouble coming, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. But it had been the final vision that had caught him totally off guard. Night-dark eyes meeting his and thick black hair spread over his bed…

Not likely. He pressed his stiffening dick gently down, trying to ignore its awakened state. A piss might help, but he doubted that this one came from needing to urinate.

The medicine dreams never lied. At least, they’ve never lied before. It was probably an omen, not what it appeared. It had been many years since he’d almost had a wet dream, and it would be bad timing to start having them now. He flung open the leather flap and drew a lungful of the crisp pre-dawn air, bending to exit the dark, overheated lodge.

He had spent the last two days on the high sandstone plateau in his search for answers. Answers about the strange restlessness that had roiled around inside him for months now. His spirit was usually so calm that he figured he was close to dead. And what answers had the spirits given him to his questions? His voice was rough from lack of use as he laughed aloud. In the swirling mists of steam and sage smoke, they had sent him an image of a naked woman. And what a woman… Maybe old Joe was right. Maybe the restlessness that plagued him had less to do with his weary spirit and more to do with his horny body.

“I ask you for direction and you send me a porno movie?” He shook his head and lifted his arms wide to greet the rising sun. “Are you playing tricks with me now, Great One? Have I come to the end of my use to you? Are you telling me that my days of celibacy and dedication to your cause will soon end?” I doubt that, but I can always hope.

He closed his eyes and turned to greet the North wind. It cooled his overheated flesh but had little effect on the painful erection his dream had gifted him with. “Even you cannot cool my need? Are you all ganging up on me?”

As he turned to the west and considered the high spires of the wind towers of the Old Ones, he smiled tightly. “You conspire against me, as well, my friends?”

The moaning of the morning wind through the sandstone formations seemed to mock him as he turned last to the South wind and shook his damp hair back from his perspiration-wet face. “Then let it be so. It has been a long and lonely journey. But I seriously doubt the woman in my dream would look twice at one like me.” No woman had ever seen him as a man.

Only as a thing to be afraid of. To run and hide from.

He relieved himself in the latrine he had created by digging out a crevice in the sandstone and filling it with earth and crushed sage. He walked to the battered canteen hanging on the side pole of the lodge and took a deep drink, then poured a cooling trickle over his sweat-streaked face. He rolled up the sides of the lodge and put out the small fire that he’d used to heat the rocks. Reaching for the small medicine pouch that contained his animal totems, he tied it snugly about his throat to avoid losing it in flight…then he crouched and freed his eagle form.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced, copied, or disseminated without written permission from the author.


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