Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn Fun Giveaways!

This week I have a bunch of big giveaways going and I want you to win!
First is the Night Owl Reviews Halloween Scavenger Hunt. This one's big. Lots of authors, prizes and goodies. I'm giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to some lucky person and that lucky person might as well be you! Go to my website:
Click the NOR Halloween bat to get the next link.

The next big treat is the BTS eMag Sunset On Summer Fun Blog Hop.
Want  to win a Kindle Fire 7” HD or a NOOK  HD ereader (US only. International winners get paypal cash!) Of course you do! You can also win ebooks, swag and other fun giveaways.

It’s easy. Just go to:
click the rafflecopter and go link to link and you’re automatically entered with a chance to win! Everyone in the contest is giving something away so the odds are good. I’m also giving away a surprise ebook.

Want more? I have three book tours going this week for two different books. I have giveaways and surprise mailings everyday! 

There are a lot of sponsors so if you'd like to keep up, friend me on Facebook. I post the links there.

Or Follow me on Twitter: Katalina_Leon

Good Luck! XXOO Kat
PS Loup-Garou For You is coming September 27th from Ellora's Cave!


  1. I think I'm getting addicted to giving away prizes! I love doing it and I love making readers happy! Make me happy by letting me make you happy!

  2. Wow, Kat, you sure do have lots going on!!!

  3. Three books in the same horse race! Uh! This is promo season for sure.


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