Thursday, August 8, 2013

On Monday, Cerise shared fantastic tips for writing a series. I'll be taking her advice! Resplendence Publishing has requested that I continue on with the world I created in Megan's Men. Book #2 will be a prequel - Drista's story.

Megan's Men
Copyright: Tessie Bradford 2013

The bulk of their guests were outside, so Megan headed to one of the sitting rooms on the main floor. As soon as she crossed the threshold, tears rolled down her cheeks. Her life had been in upheaval for so long and there was so very much she didn’t know about this culture and her potential place in it. Could she have a career or were her men expecting her to be a housewife? They were the leaders of the community. What responsibilities did that place on her? At times, they traveled the galaxies. Would she be left at home for long periods or go with them? Her head began to throb. Megan sat down and covered her face with her hands. 

A quiet knock sounded. “Megan, may I come in?” 

She looked up to find Drista, Rork’s sister, standing in the doorway. She and her family had been the first arrivals, and they’d had a few minutes to chat before the rest of the people had arrived. Megan had liked her instantly. She was vivacious and extremely personable. 

“You may not want to, I’m an emotional mess.” Megan sniffed loudly and did her best to wipe her cheeks. 

Drista rushed forward and pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket. “Use this, I promise it’s clean. Amazingly, my boys haven’t required a wipe down yet this evening.” She sat in the chair next to Megan.
“Thanks, I appreciate it. Did the guys send you to find me? I should probably get back to the guests.” 

“No, I saw you leave them looking upset, so I followed you. We’ve only just met, but I predict we’re going to be great friends, as well as sisters.” She patted Megan’s knee. “I haven’t been able to pry any of the details out of your men about the how they found you and convinced you to come home with them. It doesn’t surprise me that Rork isn’t sharing, but Garfor is such a romantic and Loban, well everyone knows he likes to talk.” Drista winked and smiled. 

“Maybe because they feel badly about how they went about it.” 

“Oh, Gods, what did they do?” 

“Got me on their ship by deception and brought me here without my consent.” 

“You’d best tell me what’s happened, and we girls will decide what needs to be done.” 

Megan tried to tell her story without the sexual parts, but quickly realized it was going to be impossible to convey her emotional turmoil without at least alluding to that aspect. It certainly didn’t seem acceptable, though, for her to discuss specifics with Rork’s sister, so she ended up stumbling through her tale and blushing a lot. 

“First of all, you’re talking to a Slaterine woman. I obviously understand the intensity of the soul bond. I’ll be shocked if they make it through the evening without whisking you away for a quickie!” Drista laughed and Megan joined her. “There are many here, men and women, who are from other worlds and had no knowledge of the bond and how it would change their lives. May I tell you about my own experience?” 

“Yes, please,” Megan answered. 

“My mates, Corbin and Jacob, came to Mesta eight years ago on a mining expedition. On their home planet, women are one step above slaves; their only roles are to serve men in every fashion, bear children and keep their opinions to themselves. I was the leader of the Slaterine team assigned to direct their operations.” 

“You’ve got to be kidding.” 

“Wait, it gets better. They’re brothers, and in their culture, it is acceptable even between family members to fight to the death to claim a woman; sharing doesn’t exist.” 

“How in the hell have you three been able to make your relationship work?” Megan thought about Drista’s three small boys and how she’d noticed Corbin and Jacob gazing at her adoringly all evening. 

“I won’t lie, everything, and I do mean everything was a battle in the beginning, but bonded mates are destined to be together. It’s not always easy, being willing to compromise and having gigantic patience are essential. Oh, and the mind-blowing sex helps iron out a great many differences.” She raised an eyebrow and grinned. 

“I’m worried about my identity within the relationship, Drista,” Megan admitted. “If Garfor, Loban and Rork won’t let me make my own decisions, or try to change my nature, we’re doomed to failure.” 

Drista took her hands and stared into her eyes. “Do you love them?” 


“Then do what you have to do to become the type of swaya you want to be.”

 Megan's Men is an All Romance Ebooks Best Seller!!!

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