Saturday, August 3, 2013

My editor is getting the paperwork on my submission ready to go...

And now I have to think of what I want on my cover...
 I sorta like this guy, with his turquoise, hot hot!  I'm pretty sure the cover goddess will come up with something great.  It's been over a year since I subbed a cover request, so I'm re-learning the process. Lots of things to think about as I am working on my next wip.

I have been buying more new releases from my pals here...and I am juggling reading and writing. I find that if I get away from writing for a few hours, I go back to it with a fresher perspective.  It's slower this way, but it's working. LOL!

I'm still having BIG problems with Facebook...I have to go in on my fan page and if I try to switch to my wall page, it locks up totally.  Unfortunately, I think it has to do with my browser and my "NoScript" program that blocks evil java scripts that give me Trojan virii... 

I have picked up at least three Trojan Horse virus every time I try to access my wall page, which is the page where friends and others can add links and such...I think I need to have FB sweep my page and clear it of extraneous links....but I can't figure out how to get them to do that.  I'm pretty certain that someone linked a malicious file in there that is screwing me up royally.  That's why I have asked all of my pals to "like" my fan page so they can get updates without me having to go onto my wall to do that. 

I can't even comment or click the "like" button on comments left by friends.  And I hate the thought of having to dump by old FB page and set up an entirely new one...sort of like totally starting over.  Sigh.

Hope I can get it fixed without having to do that.  Wish me luck...





  1. I set up a business Facebook page a while ago. I can't look at or comment on non-business pages. Every now and then I think about closing it and starting a regular page but that's a lot of time and work!!

    1. Mine was just fine until last week. Then it started to freeze up the moment I clicked onto my "news feed" or "wall" page where I can see what all my FB pals are saying. It simply stops dead. Sigh. It is a lot of work, and the thought of having to dump it makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Best wishes Fran for a dream cover and good luck with the pesky FB issues.


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