Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Modern & Ouch!

I have a new personal Facebook page:
I’m also now on Twitter!  @bradford_tessie
Thanks so much to my daughter for helping (doing most of everything) and for not running screaming from the room or using the Vulcan Death Grip on me during the process! 

The following is an unembellished, 100% true accounting of actual events:
Pleasuring Anne, my next release with Resplendence Publishing, is a short contemporary love story with a mature h/h and lots of humor. In early July, I committed to a September 30th sub date. No problem, right? Well, with Megan’s Men taking off in popularity, my muse soooo wants to get back to Sci-fi, she isn’t listening to me regarding the fact we’ve promised another book first!
Last Sunday, I became completely stuck in the mechanics of a scene. Thank God the head of my Research & Development Department was on site. I went out to hubby’s man cave and told him I needed his help. He immediately backed away from the table saw and flashed the come hither look which snared me 27 years ago. I almost forgot my mission when he hooked his fingers in the waistband of his jeans.
“No, no, not that kind of help!” I said. “I have a deadline; focus!”
He sighed dramatically.
I laid out my problem. If the hero is holding Anne’s wrists, can he move her arms behind her, and grasp them in only one of his hands at the small of her back. “Let’s try it,” hubby replied.
The arm moving went fine, the one hand grasp not so much. A loud popping sounded from my right shoulder. I cried out and hubby panicked. “Are you okay? Do we need to go to the hospital?”
It hurt, but since I was able to lift and rotate my arm, I was pretty sure it wasn’t a mortal wound. As I worked out the kink, my mind raced with ideas. I started to laugh.
“You’re actually inspired by this, aren’t you?” hubby asked, shaking his head while joining me in laughing.
“Hell, yes!” I gave him a quick kiss and hurried back to my computer.
Possessing Anne is my third story where the hero and heroine are both 50+.  There may be a few physical limitations, i.e. comic relief, but Romance has no age limit.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. Snicker...Oh, yes, there are a few minor changes... :-)

  2. Good morning, Anny!
    Yep, but with the years of experience the good parts are even better!

  3. Congratulations Tessie on all your accomplishments! I'm looking forward to reading "Possessing Anne".

  4. Hi, Kat~
    I'm looking forward to finishing Pleasuring Anne so you can read it! :)

  5. LOL! Love a man so willing to experiment in the name of erotic romance...


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