Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Thursday

We here in southeastern Michigan have been experiencing a very interesting summer weather-wise. On more than one occasion, the temperatures have fluctuated nearly thirty degrees in a twenty-four hour period. We’ve had an excessive amount of rain, humidity worthy of the Columbian rainforest and storms boasting gale force winds and hail. I'm so over being without power I could spit! Do I need to tell you that when we lose it, it's on the 95 degree days, not the 70 degree ones. I've thrown away more food than I care to think about. One of the power surges blew out my oven (thank God hubby grills). I'm to a point now where after I've been out of the house for any length of time, I up a silent prayer before I open my front door.
Two weeks ago, I attended the opening party for Off The Beaten Path, a small bookstore in picturesque downtown Farmington. Cindy Spencer Pape was the special guest. Steampunk was the theme and it was fun to see all the costumes. Cindy and I had the same editor when I started out at Ellora's Cave and she invited me to participate in the Carnal Reunions anthology, thusly starting my career with Resplendence Publishing. She's a sweatheart and it was great to see her again after almost three years. I highly recommend her books!
On July 31st, my fifteenth book, Megan's Men, releases! That's so surreal to me.
Have a spectacular weekend~



  1. God I would have loved to be at that book signing. BTW Megan's Men is great!

  2. It was wonderful to chat in person with Cindy! And although the bookstore is a bit of a road trip, I plan to visit it again soon. I sells new and used books, clothes and jewelry from local artists.
    I'm thrilled you like Megan's Men, Kat!!

  3. Sorry about the storms but sounds like you've been up to no good, Tessie... uh, mean much good! Megan's Men sounds like a blast!

  4. Hi, Julia!!
    Megan is a very, very, very lucky woman!

  5. Sorry about the rain. We really could use some here in the Northeast.
    Cindy is awesome. I had a fun time with her and Anny at RomantiCon in 2010.
    I'm excited for Megan and her men.She's indeed a very lucky woman.

  6. Hi Amber!
    Anny is a dear, isn't she?


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