Saturday, July 27, 2013

Facebook is driving me bonkers...

Maybe it's because I swipe hot guy photos?

Not sure why, but for the past three days, every time I go into my Fran Lee FB pages, it locks completely up and won't let me even click on anything.  Anybody had that happen to them while on FB? How did you get it fixed? I can't even click on "help" on FB, so I can't get them to run any kind of check on the pages to see why it locks up.

I know it isn't my computer. Something on FB does it when I log in under my own Fran Lee name.  I can get into FB under all the other FB identities I possess...but not under Fran Lee.  I wonder what I did wrong?

Fran Lee


  1. I think those photos of hot guys melted a few circuits in your computer. It over heated. lol
    XXOO Kat
    PS I hope the problem resolves soon.

    1. No such luck. Looks like I might be dumping my FB page to protect my computer. Sigh.

  2. Maybe it's a hint that you should spend more time with hot guy pics and less time on FB?

    Just sayin'

    1. I spend about half an hour a day on FB, and only to keep my books in the limelight. LOL! And most of the hot guy pics I find are on FB.

  3. Seems like e very time I get onto FB, I pick up a Trojan Horse virus. Looks like my FB days are pretty much over.


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