Monday, June 17, 2013

Judging books by their covers? I am! 50 Shades of dull, drab and...boring!

Fifty Shades of Confusion now abound in the book marketplace!
Many erotica and near erotica covers are now Concept again, thanks to the crazy-mad success of 50 Shades, et al. Now we have more "object" covers. A bed frame, a pillow, a seashell. Oh, for godssakes, let me cry.
Why do I moan?
Because we have been here! Done this! In the mid-90s, major trad houses decided that flowers and ribbons, jewelry and swords were the way to expand the readership marketplace...and romance sales for those authors unfortunate enough to get those covers PLUMMETED.
Well, my dears, those covers may have picked up a few NEW readers for those particular authors, but they also destroyed the readership of THOUSANDS of loyal followers of those authors.
Now we have the New-New Wave of Concepts for those erotica books emulating the plot formula of 50 Shades, i.e. a trilogy about one couple.
And wow, do I hope the trend for these covers does not spread.
These covers look meh to me.
Done in, yes, 50 shades of dull brown, grey, black and white, these babies convey dark emotions. Gothic, almost. Forbidden and quite ugly.
Bottom line?
I am not a fan.
Are you?
Have you bought these books—and if so, did you buy them because they were knocks off of the story concept of 50 Shades of Grey, or did you buy them because the covers in and of themselves appealed to you?
This Curious Mind wants to know!


  1. I've passed up buying books due to stupid covers, and because of that, I spend a great deal of time fine-tuning my cover request forms so my own books are presented properly.
    A cover is an advertisemnt for what is coming. I write erotic romance and want my covers to proudly announce the fact! Lots of skin, hints to setting or theme, bright, eye-catching and always hot, hot, hot!!

  2. One size will never fit all. Concept covers work beautifully with some books but I long for a strong visual. I want a taste of what's inside.


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