Thursday, May 9, 2013

One of My New Heroes

When I’m feeling blue, or need creative inspiration, our wonderful Katalina Leon has a knack for sending just the right picture which puts me back on track. The other day, she told me about Pinterest and I checked out her site. This glorious image was one of many I found there. 

I’m a very visual person. Framed collages of photographs cover my family room walls; vacations, kids and grandkids, holidays, life in general. There isn’t a tabletop in any room that doesn’t have at least one photo on it. My book covers decorate my kitchen walls. When I was a teenager, buying posters of my favorite musicians and bands caused big excitement. In the earlier years of our marriage, my hubby, Mister Indulgent, just smiled and rolled his eyes at the life-size cardboard figures of Fabio and Kevin Sorbo which stood next to our TV.  

When I write a book, I have to have a clear picture of the hero(s) and heroine in my mind before I tell their story. Many times, once I start typing, they behave in ways I didn’t anticipate, but their physical appearance never changes.  

Now to the fun stuff – let’s all gaze together, in my case longingly, at this yummy specimen of male goodness! He is Garfor, one of the three heroes in my upcoming release (July 31st), Megan’s Men, in the flesh!!
Can’t you see him at the command of a military space ship? And look at his left hand, the positioning of his fingers; this man can play a woman’s body like a fine tuned instrument.  

Oops, wait a second. I have to take a sip of my cooling beverage and blot my feverish brow. 

Look into his eyes. I see confidence without arrogance and a whole bunch of, “I’m going to take you to heights of sexual satisfaction you’ve only dreamt of.”!
His picture currently sits to the left of my computer so he can gaze at me as I finish writing Megan's Men.
Have a great weekend~


  1. Megan's Men....hmmm, I can't wait to read this new one.
    Like you I loved buying posters as a child...even when I was first married, I had framed pictures of Jim Morrison (okay, I'm showing my age), and other musicians I found sexy as hell.
    Now I have the computer to find as many sexy pics as I want.
    I was lucky enough to have Kat send me this gorgeous guy too. I'm so glad you used him in a story.

  2. Good morning, Amber~
    It is fun to be able to find visual stimulation whenever the mood strikes, isn't it!

  3. I loved the little taste I read I of Megan's Men and I already know I love Garfor. I can't wait for July!

  4. Hi Kat~
    The finished version of the scene you read is probably the hottest thing I've written to date! This is one lusty foursome!

  5. Nice, Tessie! Sounds wonderfully enticing...


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