Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Cover!!!

Once again, Resplendence Publishing has perfectly represented my story!
Megan Lynch has had a very bad year. Her husband took off with most of their assets and a twenty year old bimbo. She lost her job and has nowhere to live. Accepting a management position at a research facility on a distant planet was supposed to be the first step to a new start. But now her transport has been cancelled indefinitely. She’s stranded, exhausted, defeated, and utterly pissed off. 
Garfor, Rork and Loban came to Earth for a one day trading mission. Finding their woman alone and upset in the travel port is both a blessing and extremely upsetting. She is unfamiliar with their ways, and Garfor is forced to use deceit to get her onto their ship and off the planet. With only a few days to convince her she is destined to be theirs forever, all three men are more than willingly to rise to the challenge.
Keeping on the sci-fi subject matter, I saw the new Star Trek movie and absolutely, positively LOVED IT!!!
Have a wonderful weekend~


  1. Oh Tessie, I love the cover. Can't wait for this new release. :)

  2. Good morning, Amber! I'm glad you like the cover!

  3. Megan's Men sounds like so much fun! Love the new cover.


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