Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Rant

I'll warn you up front. This is a bitch session, so if you don't want to read please come back tomorrow when I'm sure my lovely friend Katalina Leon will have a nice blog post. ;)

Ebook returns.
I don’t understand this. If you bought a book in a brick and mortar you wouldn’t be allowed to return a book. Okay, I’ve never tried, but have seen signs to this policy.
So, why should readers be able to return ebooks? If there’s an issue with the download, okay I get it. But if hundreds of others are downloading without any issues what’s wrong with the one download.
Take for instance my issue. A few months ago I bought an ebook for $3.99. After seeing another book by this author I bought the new book. Guess what? It’s the same damn book with a different cover. Sure I’m pissed. I spent another $3.99 for a book I already had.
What did I do? Nothing. I accepted it for what it was – a loss. I couldn’t imagine returning it even if it would be acceptable because I own it.
I’m sorry I just don’t get it the return policy. That’s how indie authors make their money. If readers are reading the book and then returning it they win and we lose. There are way too many free books out there to read. If you don’t want to pay for a book, download a free one.
My second peeve of the day?
Free stuff. If you get something for free, don’t complain about said free gift. If you don’t like it or it isn’t something you’d want, just say thank you and move on. No need to comment about the “free” gift. It’s FREE.
I’m done. Sorry for the rant but this has been bothering me for some time. 


  1. I agree there there should be limits. I can see downloading the wrong title, opening it and being surprised. I would like to see the return policy limited like a movie ticket. If the movie is not your cup of tea or too much for you during the first fifteens minutes-get up and ask for a refund, don't wait until the movie is over to complain. The same should apply to an ebook. Take a peek and decide to keep it or gamble the small price of a ebook.

  2. It's because Amazon allows returns. Thus readers understand how to game the system - buy the book, read it quick, return it. They get a free read. Yes, very irritating.

    1. It's sad that people like to skirt the system.

  3. Thanks, Amber, for voicing a big pet peeve of mine!!! Except in the rarest of circumstances, I believe it is just another was for people to rip us off!

  4. I have to laugh...because on my Kindle Self-pubbed book I see returns...I asked Amazon why they give refunds, when the buyer still has the book. They say that if a buyer feels the book was not what they expected, they allow a buyer to get a refund, and keep the damn book.

    Now, I sell my book (or DID) for about a buck and a half. It is 31 pages long. This is clearly stated in the book description. It is a micro mini, and is now selling for only 99 cents...but they get refund requests because the book is "too short"??? HUH? My peeve, too, just doesn't make sense.


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