Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Heart Is In Boston

This is not a good day to blog. My heart is in Boston and I thought I would simply share these images of Boston with you instead.

Boston before it was Boston, by Thomas Cole.

The New Englander, Queen of Boston.

Boston Gardens Swan Boat.

Boston on a rainy day.

Love and prayers to Boston and for all us.


  1. May we all heal and have peace again.

  2. These are wonderful pics. We do need to heal now.

  3. My younger brother and his family live in a suburb of Boston and he works in the city. His company (like so many others) has all day events for their employees and families on Patriot's Day, and it is a holiday that they look forward to every year. This year was going to be extra special because they had great seats for the hockey game that evening, too. Mercifully, I was able to get through to my brother on his cell phone as soon as I heard what had happened. They were not in the area where the bombing occurred, but so, so many people they know were. Two families in their small town have members who were seriously injured.
    May the ones responsible be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Tessie I'm so grateful your brother and his loved ones are safe. Whomever did this knows how much Bostonians/ Americans love this event and attempted to destroy it. I'm certain they won't succeed. We have friends and co-workers who trained and flew east for the marathon. We were watching the event on big screen televisions at our gym. This was a heartbreaker.

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    1. Hello Julia! It's so good to see your name today.


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