Saturday, April 13, 2013

Going over my back list...

This story is a sequel to Hallie’s Cats.

Cal wants a mate of his own. He knows she is out there—he can feel her. He desperately needs her.

Omegas are forbidden to mate in the Lykos pack. But one look at the golden leopard shifter in his human form is all it takes. He sets off something deep inside Jessie that she can’t deny. His touch is something she would to die to feel.

Dogs don’t mix with cats…but their human halves won’t be denied.

I have always loved shifters... 

I "see" them in my head...I understand them and how they function...but I tend to jump ahead of my readers into the full shifter world, and sometimes I leave my readers behind, wondering where I just went. LOL!  I need to remember to take them with me.

Hallie's Cats was my first shifter. It was meant to be short and hot...and because it was short and hot, readers were frustrated.  They wanted to see more.  They wanted Cal's story. 

Next time I am gonna write a story about a groundhog that shifts into a mountain lion.  And I will remember to take my readers every step of the way with me.  :)


Fran Lee


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