Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dena Garson's Doubly Naughty Nooners!

What's Wednesday's treat? Double Dena Garson that's what! Dena's offering two sweet treats today. You can read one at lunch and blush at your desk, or save them for a bedtime snack and sizzle between the sheets. Either way you won't want to miss these two miniature erotic gems.

Here’s Dena Garson:

Thanks for inviting me back to the Seven Sexy Scribes!
Short stories hold a special place in my heart because the first writing I ever sold was a short. They’re fun to write and lets me tell my readers about new characters or a moment in time. Truth be told, I’m easily distracted and shorts give me an outlet.
But I love to read short stories too. Over lunch, I can wolf one down along with my soup and sandwich. Anthologies and compilations of shorts have introduced me to more than one new author. Some of which went on to become favorites.
When Ellora’s Cave said they were interested in two of my short stories, I was thrilled. Now that they’ve been released, I’m over the moon.
If you’re ready for a bit of naughtiness, I have just the thing for you. But be warned, both of these shorts are written in first person. So you, the reader, get to step even further into someone else’s shoes. Come on – Angie and Cherie have a story to tell you!

Working It All Out

When Angie needs a trainer to prepare for a corporate fundraiser, Noel comes highly recommended. No one told her he’s sexy as hell too. Unfortunately, he’s way too young. He couldn’t possibly share the same clothes-ripping, fucking-on-the-gym-floor fantasies that inundate her every time she looks his way. Or so she thinks.

Noel has other ideas. When they get the gym to themselves for an intense one-on-one, he gives her the workout she’s been waiting for.

Cherie's Silk

Cherie’s favorite work adversary, Mason, stumbles across her in the midst of a humiliating “wardrobe malfunction”. She has to choose between possible public embarrassment and exposing her secret undergarment obsession to Mason. An obsession that could taint Cherie’s prim and proper office persona.

Thankfully Mason is willing to lend a hand in more ways than one. He’s lusted after Cherie as much as she’s wanted him, and getting his hands on her frilly silk leads to a hot, sexy hallway encounter.

Thanks for letting me drop by!
~ Dena
Twitter: @DenaGarson

Thank you for being our guest Dena! 


  1. Great fun! What makes these stories a naughty nooner other than the fun being had by the characters? I can't wait to find out!

    1. Hi Melissa, Naughty Nooners are a sweet treat at only .69 cents!!

  2. Hey Kat! Thanks for letting me drop by!

  3. Replies
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    2. Tessie, you're the Mistress of Petite Heat, your short stories are so steamy but emotionally satisfying. Dena is amazing too!

    3. Me too, Tessie! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Congratulations, Dena! These naughty nooners sound like great, hot stories! Can't wait to get my paws on them.



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