Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Continuation from last week’s post

The conversation continues on the loop about self-publishing vs. publishing with a house.
I enjoy both for various reasons. One writer only has one book out and it sells very well on the third party sites. She wants to claim her rights back and self-publish.
She’s gotten a lot of good advice from talented authors. The consensus was to leave it for now. Build a following. If possible do both for a brief period of time. I agree with this for a brand new author.
I’ve left my books where they are for many different reasons. But recently the opportunity to get the rights back to one of my books presented itself. I took it.
Because the book does not sell well on ANY site. If I sold 10 copies on all the sites, in over a year that’s a lot. My theory? First the cover. I never did like the cover, but I don’t get a say. The other is it’s an M/F. this publisher big sellers are M/M/F and M/M. Just my opinion.
So I’m taking my rights back to the book and I’ll self-publish it. Someday I might take the others too. As of right now I’m starting one at a time.


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I think a new cover and a fresh debut will revitalize that book. The story's great.

  2. A cover can make or break sales.
    I wish you much good luck with more self-pubbing, Amber!


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