Monday, March 11, 2013

Robbed of $3 billion in US? Pirates of books are criminals!

In the United States, currently the total STOLEN from the economy by pirates of books reaches an astonishing $3 billion.  (See: )
Yes, B for billion.
But in my own pocket, or I should say out of it, I see an OUCH factor that amounts to THOUSANDS of dollars.
I am not alone.
So many of my friends/colleagues have the same problem.  Whenever one person downloads one novel, they steal approximately $1.50+ from me. If they then email that book to someone else, the amount multiplies.
Now, I can say that I write for a living. My colleagues do too.
Recently, I saw that one book of my novels on one pirate site had been downloaded 496 times. (And I have sent take down notices to this site before, so they have robbed me multiple times!) So for that one book, I have been robbed of $744.00.
That is not chicken feed.
What could I do with that money?
Pay my grocery bill. Help pay my mortgage. Save it in my bank account for my old age.
What did the thief do with the $3.99 he/she deprived me of?
Buy a bag of chips?
Buy a new mascara in the dime store?
Reading a novel is one of the most inexpensive and long-lasting entertainments. For a very small sum, a reader gets to enjoy many hours of pleasure in a quiet, serene way. Is that not worth something more than being ripped off?????
This craziness has got to stop and the only way to do it is to write about it CONSTANTLY. To download an author's book for free is a crime. It is larceny. Theft.
I am out to catch thieves. EVERY DAY.


  1. I send about five notices per month to the legal department of my publishers and I look out for other authors as well.
    Piracy is theft from people who work hard and need the money, period.

    1. Kat, You are so right.
      This theft is appalling and robbing us all of $$$ in circulation, where it should be!

  2. An aquaintance excitedly told me she'd recently downloaded and read three of my books. I of course thanked her profusely and asked her how she liked them. She responded that she loved the stories and how great it was that they were all free! I told her they most certainly aren't free, that she had obviously gotten them from a pirate site. Her response was something to the effect of why should I pay for them if I don't have to? By the time I was done lecturing, she was weepy and quite apologetic!!!! What's terrifying is the number of people who hold the same opinion that they are doing nothing wrong!

  3. Tessie brings up the big issue here-- this crime is cloaked in confusion. I can't tell how many acquaintances I have who believe the pirate sites are fun 'sharing" sites and that there are no consequences...
    Educating people to the realty of these pirate sites and the shadowy stuff some of these pirates are doing with their profits would be a real eye-opener to most people.


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