Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Re Release of Sliding Home

Sliding Home was first published by the now defunct Aspen Mountain. It has a new sexy cover, but the hot sexy men are still the same.

Alex loves baseball and when the majors come knocking on his door he’s thrilled. The only thing missing from his life is a partner to share it with. Alex longs to be with his best friend, Rick. He’s loved Rick since he realized he was gay.
An evening of celebration turns to a night of pleasure between Rick and Alex. The next day Rick is confused with his feelings toward Alex.
Will Rick give in to his desires or will he let Alex walk out of his life forever?
He thought he’d seen something earlier. A spark in Rick’s gray eyes. He couldn’t have imagined it, could he? Again, when he’d rubbed up against him while they were playing pool, he saw the look.
It was desire.
Then Rick had stormed off to the bar for another drink. Was he afraid of hanging around and letting Alex see his raging hard-on?
Too late.
Alex had noticed it and got hard instantaneously. He was so hard he’d thought about going into the bathroom and rubbing himself until he felt relieved. Somehow, he knew relief wouldn’t come from masturbation so he decided against it.
Besides how would he explain his long absence?
No. Alex had suffered through.
When he asked if he could crash at his friend’s house he’d had an ulterior motive. He wanted to see if things would be different when they were alone. He wanted to know if Rick would mention how his body reacted to Alex’s.
He didn’t. In fact, he’d never mentioned it once. Even when they entered Rick’s apartment, he never said a word. He retrieved the blanket and pillow for him, before heading to his room.
 One thing was certain; Rick couldn’t get out of the living room quick enough.
It was like he was afraid of what would happen if he stayed too long. Could he be wrestling with the same feelings Alex was? He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t want to act on it just yet. If his friend did have feelings for him, he wanted to address it before he had to leave.
Knowing Rick was waiting for him would make his transition much easier. 
Alex wondered if he should go into Rick’s room and see if he was still awake. If he was, they could talk about what had happened. Worry settled into the pit of his stomach. What if Rick did feel something, but refused to act on it? What if he rejected Alex?
Alex couldn’t handle being rejected by his best friend. He cared for him too much. He didn’t want to ruin the friendship they had by stepping over any lines. No, it was best for him to stay put on the couch. If Rick wanted him, he would have to be the one to make the first move. That way, Alex wouldn’t be treading into uncertain waters.
Disappointed, but satisfied with his decision, Alex closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on anything other than his aching balls.
An hour later he was still struggling with the tightness in his crotch. He thought about relieving himself numerous times but was afraid of Rick walking in on him or worse—overhearing his moans.
Unable to fight the urge, Alex jumped off the couch and headed toward Rick’s bedroom.
“Fuck it.” He had nothing to lose at this point— except his friendship with Rick


  1. Love the new cover and it's great to see more hot M/M from you.

  2. Gorgeous new cover, Amber!! It is fantastic that Rick & Alex's story is again available!

  3. Good for you, girl! I love it when books get resurrected and start to fly once more.

  4. Gotta love baseball! Nice, Amber!


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